Winter Routesetting Clinics

29 Oct

Three new Level 1 Clinics have just been scheduled and the info for each is available below. The first clinic will be held in just over two weeks at Movement Climbing and Fitness in Denver, and the next scheduled clinics are at Origin Climbing and Fitness in January, and Clubsport in February. We may schedule additional clinics in different locations over the coming months as well, but if you want to participate in any of these currently planned clinics, we encourage you to register as soon as possible as there have been a lot of routesetters expressing interest and the most recent clinics have filled up typically within 1 – 2 weeks. Registration is first-come, first-served and you should have 6 months experience routesetting and be able to work 5.10/V3.

Clinic locations and info:

  • November 11/12 (9am-5pm), Movement Denver; Denver, CO – Chief Instructor Chris Danielson
  • January 18/19 (9am-5pm), Origin Climbing; Las Vegas, NV – Chief Instructor Ian McIntosh
  • February 13/14 (9am-5pm), Clubsport Climbing Gym; Portland, OR – Chief Instructor Molly Beard
  • A Level 1 Clinic is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in improving their overall routesetting, learning fundamental skill sets for competition routesetting, and taking the first step towards advancing as a USAC competition routesetter. Please go to the CLINICS page and register directly through the link for each clinic.

    For those interested in a Level 2 Clinic, we are actively working on host venues for a Level 2 to be scheduled within the next 3 months and this should be announced soon.

    Get Your Routesetting Membership Now!

    29 Oct

    Routesetter Membership Registration is now open for the 2015-2016 season and can be purchased directly at Routesetter Memberships cost $55.00 and are good through the 2015-2016 season. Important note – any memberships purchased during the season will expire 08.31.16 as they are only for the competitive season.

    As announced in January, for the 2015-2016 season, Routesetters applying to work at any position at National competitions, Divisional Internships, and those working as Chief Routesetters for Championship (Regional or Divisional) level events, must have a current USAC Routesetter Membership. Additionally, all USAC Certified Routesetters will need to maintain this USAC Routesetter Membership in order to be listed on the USAC Certified Routesetter list we maintain on the Resources section of this website.

    The registration is now open and we encourage you to get your membership as soon as possible if you plan to work as the Chief of upcoming Regional or Divisionals, or apply for any National positions or Divisional Internships. You may also want to renew your membership to be listed on the Certified Routesetters list as “active,” but there is no requirement to do so beyond the above, and your certification will not expire.

    Benefits to Routesetter Membership:

  • Eligible to set for National events or as Chief Routesetters for Championship events. The application and selection process will remain the same, as detailed on the Competitions page.
  • Listed on USA Climbing Certified Routesetters List on Resources page of this website. This list will be updated bi-monthly based on current USAC Routesetter Membership registration and may later be implemented into a new USA climbing official website.
  • Workman’s compensation insurance coverage to those working at National events. USAC will provide, either in partnership with host facilities or directly, additional workman’s comp coverage to any routesetter paid by USAC at these events.
  • Any questions, please contact Chris Danielson at