USAC Setting is administered by the Routesetting Committee of USA Climbing (USAC).  This program grew out of the now-defunct American League of Forerunners (ALF) when it began offering routesetting clinics in year 2000.  These first clinics were taught by Legendary setter Tony Yaniro in Miami.  The USAC Setting program has since grown to become America’s leading organization for routesetter education and training.


As Professional Routesetters active in the USA Climbing Competition Series and with experience in commercial, recreational, educational, and competitive climbing, our goal is to promote the development of routesetting as a professional trade. Through the USAC Routesetting Certification and Internship Program we intend to certify and equip setters with the tools and knowledge needed in professional setting.

USAC Setting represents and supports the interests of routesetters across the country and works to ensure fair and safe practices; provide instruction on techniques, styles, and methods; and establish and maintain standards within the industry. These standards include protocols for setting in various indoor climbing environments, levels of certification for commercial and competition setting, and fair compensation guidelines for all types of routesetting.