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How Often Do Ferrets Go To The Bathroom?

Ferrets are quite commonly kept pets nowadays. These are typically mammals with furs in various colours. They are easy to go pet options because they don’t take up much space in your home and literally sleep for about 18 hours per day. When kept in cages, it is their necessity to go out of it… Read More »

What Do Chinchillas Eat in the Wild?

At present, many people love to have a pet animal in their house and the pet animal can be a great companion for people. They make people happy and many people would like to grow dogs, cats, rabbit and chinchillas in their home. The chinchillas are big in size but they can be a best… Read More »

Girls Can Wear Lacrossee Helmets

Best Lacrosse Helmets are now available for lacrossee sport. Lacrossee, is a sport where people throw a ball around with a stick equipped with a net. The goal is to catch the ball and throw it in the white net. Its similar to soccer but with sticks throwing balls. A helmet has been created to… Read More »

Cleaning a Motorcycle Helmet is Easy

Cleaning your motorcycle helmet is not something you feel like doing, its something you should consider doing. I remember those days when I was on my bike. Riding in mud and rain. Catching the bugs, insects, and random people throwing fast food at me. I got all types of dirt thrown on me. During those… Read More »

Best Ways to Pick a Good Climbing Helmet

Climbing helmets are good for protecting you against dangers on a climb.  Many dangers occur when your trying to climb that mountain. Even, on the little mountains that you try out to do a real climb. You need a helmet in every sense. Rocks do not talk to you, but they can hit you pretty… Read More »

USAC Level 1 Routesetting Clinics: Summer 2012

We have recently scheduled two new public Level 1 Clinics for this summer, at Mesa Rim Climbing Center in San Diego, California, and Climb Iowa, in Des Moines, Iowa. A Level 1 Clinic is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in improving their overall routesetting, learning fundamental skill sets for competition routesetting, and taking the… Read More »

ABS Setters: Top of Their Game at Nationals

USA Climbing would like to extend a huge thank you to the route setters of the ABS National Championships held recently in Boulder, Colorado. Open Chief Setter, Kynan Waggoner lead USAC professional setters Jamie Emerson, Chris Danielson, Scott Mechler and Kyle McCabe with forerunning help from Johnny Hork, to construct some of the most creative… Read More »