Best Ways to Pick a Good Climbing Helmet

By | April 26, 2019

Climbing helmets are good for protecting you against dangers on a climb.  Many dangers occur when your trying to climb that mountain. Even, on the little mountains that you try out to do a real climb. You need a helmet in every sense. Rocks do not talk to you, but they can hit you pretty hard. For instance, I remember a friend that lost his left foot on a climb. Then, turned around in 720 degree to the right. Spinning and spinning by every hard rock object. Hit his head one to many times and starting bleeding all over the rock. He wasn’t bad enough to the point he couldn’t climb back down, but he could have been in that situation. Thankfully, he had the rope to stop his fall, but he should of wore a good climbing helmet. Above all, wear the best climbing helmet at the shop and why you should is listed below.

Main Reason You Need to Buy One

Best Ways to Pick a Good Climbing Helmet

Obliviously, the main reason you need to buy one is to protect your head. Though, I recommend buying one to protect your face and head. You never know if your going to hit the back or front of head. Life and injuries is random at times. The injuries are not always lethal, but when they are you need the best climbing helmet to be safe. In any situation, you are fighting against a rock that is more than capable of kicking your butt. Solidified molecules pinched up in one giant block. Hitting you in different spots of your head. Excerting huge force to the left and right hemispheres of your brain. Possibly, blocking out memories or knocking you out to the point where you can’t move on that climb. Rocks have no emotions and no sympathy. So, Equip yourself with a best climbing helmet your money can buy period. Don’t take the risk and be strong.

During Certain Weather Wear a Specific Climbing Helmet

When it comes to weather, you need to be weary of the climbing helmet you use. Climbing helmets that attract a lot heat is for winter climbs. Helmets that control wind make them cool for your head is for warm climbs. If your somewhere in the middle, use the helmet that fits the most. Personally, I would go with the cooled climbing helmet that has adjustable air switches on the side. That should be able to adjust to medium cold and hot mountain environments. But, make sure it is a medium mountain environment. Do not use cool helmets for winter climbs. Doing all this, should prepare you for climbs that involve weather conditions.

Just in case, check out the weather conditions before you travel to the area. You can view weather conditions from Google app or look up information on Youtube. Important you look at current information on Youtube. See the environments for the month you are going to travel there. Seeing them months before is not an accurate measure on the climate that is in the area. No, you must watch the current climbing environment for the current month. Weather changes year to year, which means the environment changes.

What Types of Helmets Are Available Now

The three climbing helmets that exist today are hardshell, foam, and hybrid. Hard shell helmets are made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material and expanded polystyrene foam. These are the ones that have attachments on the outside layers. If your the type to need things equipped to helmet such as a flashlight, then you should consider getting one of these. In inside cave environment, you don’t need a heat climbing helmet. You just got to have something that can equip a flashlight. Next, we have the foam helmets. Weight on these helmets is very light. Comfort will not be a problem when wearing these helmets. Price is high and protection is light. You might want to wear this helmet when climbing indoors or on a small cliff.

Moving on, hybrid helmets are designed from foam and hardshell structure. You’re getting a product that is comfortable and durable. Is it as tough as hardshell climbing helmets? The only way to answer that question is to look the company who made it. Generally, the price range for these helmets is standard. You won’t lose much in money.