USAC Setting offers certifications for route setters of all experience levels. The basic certification provides skills for setters working in commercial gyms or recreation centers, while certification levels one through four provide the skills and experience for climbing competitions up to the National level.

Click on the title for detailed information about each certification. You can also view our clinics page to learn about upcoming certification clinics, or learn how you can host a clinic at your own gym.

Basic routesetting certification provides:

  • Basic skills for commercial or recreational climbing facilities
Local certification provides:

  • Fundamental skills for local competition routesetting and management
  • Certification for Local USAC competitions
Regional certification provides:

  • Intermediate competition route setting skills, including how to force sequences
  • Certification for Regional USAC competitions
National certification provides:

  • Advanced competition setting and competition management skills
  • Certification for National USAC competitions
National Chief certification provides:

  • Management skills and experience acting as Chief Setter
  • Certification for Chief Setter at USAC National competitions