Cleaning a Motorcycle Helmet is Easy

By | May 6, 2019

Cleaning your motorcycle helmet is not something you feel like doing, its something you should consider doing. I remember those days when I was on my bike. Riding in mud and rain. Catching the bugs, insects, and random people throwing fast food at me. I got all types of dirt thrown on me. During those days, I was going out a lot and had a hard time seeing things. My helmet vision was poor and I lied about it. Avoid my mistakes by cleaning the motorcycle helmet. I didn’t feel like doing it and you don’t. But, the helmet glass that affects your vision can cause you to crash the bike in two. Say no to not cleaning your helmet and make it happen anyway. Even, a little effort making the glass shine up is useful. Here are a few ways to clean your helmet below.

Buy Some Cleaning Equipment

First, get your hands on some cleaning equipment for helmet. Your going to be using it to wipe the outside and inside of motorcycle helmet. You shouldn’t need too much stuff. Only the basics will be good to clean a motorcycle helmet. You could buy high tech cleaning gear for helmet but that is optional. Low grade cleaning tools work just as good for motorcycle helmet cleaning. The three main things you need are liquid soap, toothbrush, and small clean cloth. These three things will give you the tools for dusting the exterior helmet parts and shinning the helmet visor. Should be all you need to get the basic exterior and see glass done. Now, if you want to take it a step further. You should take out the helmet pads and clean the area behind the helmet pads. This will allow more air to come in and make your helmet more comfortable. By and large, you’ll have a good clean if you follow this tip.

Moreover, buy cleaning supplies that you can afford. There are people who claim you need certain soap to make the helmet spotless clean. That only applies to cleaning the visor area. If you want the visor to be extra clear you can buy fancy soap. When it comes to cleaning outside helmet parts, you can use regular soap to clean. Regular soap will be sufficient enough to clean your motorcycle helmet. Do not believe everything you read from some hot shot. Consequently, you might have some spots on the exterior that are smears. That happens to cars as well. I suppose stepping up your soap game would get rid of those tiny grey left over soap spots on helmet. However, that is not really a big deal. The spots are small and you won’t notice them when your driving. If it is a big deal, then go get no smear soap.

Remove the Electronics in Your Helmet

Cleaning a Motorcycle Helmet is Easy

Electronics must come out of your helmet for every clean. I shouldn’t have to tell you to take out the best helmet with bluetooth component and so forth. You should just know that water and electricity do not mix. I remember getting water in my laptop keyboard once. The thing stopped working almost immediately. Water must not be mixed with electricity. You could damage all the items you decided to spend extra money on. Unnecessary items I might add. Do you really need to listen to music while riding a motorcycle? Look, you can do what you want. But, you got to remove the electronics when cleaning that motorcycle helmet and use your smart brain on the road.

 Only Use Bluetooth in Helmet to Call People

I want to warn you once more. Do not use bluetooth for anything other than calling people on the road. When your on that bike, things happen really fast and you got to react to it. I almost died on my bike once. I advise you to use bluetooth to call people only. Calling does not take up too much of your focus. It’s when you listen to music and get caught up in some TV series on the highway is when you fall off your bike. The best helmet with bluetooth should only be used to call people. Do not listen to music or get caught up in TV events. If you want to listen to music, listen to music without words. Do not let anything distract your focus of watching the road. One little thing can mess you up. I hope you get the warning.