How Often Do Ferrets Go To The Bathroom?

By | January 31, 2020

Ferrets are quite commonly kept pets nowadays. These are typically mammals with furs in various colours. They are easy to go pet options because they don’t take up much space in your home and literally sleep for about 18 hours per day. When kept in cages, it is their necessity to go out of it and get at least one hour of freedom. Ferrets poop a lot and are taken to the bathroom quite often.

Signs by ferrets when they want to go to bathrooms

How Often Do Ferrets Go To The Bathroom?

You need t train your ferret in a way that the ferret gives you indications when they want to go to washrooms. However, you cannot expect a sick ferret to give your signs. Several signs by which you can understand your ferrets’ washroom needs are-

  • They don’t come easily in your hands and when you grab them they constantly try to get away from you, they can do this by trying to climb or jump from your hands. There are times when your ferret is just curious about the place and wants to take a look at the objects, do not confuse the two.
  • A very unique sign by ferrets when they want t use washrooms is that they move backwards. A ferret examines the area where he is going to urinate. Sometimes they continue their business for a longer time than usual, do not pick them up instantly.
  • Just like humans, a ferret when wakes up from his sleep needs to go to bathrooms. Unlike humans, ferrets have the ability to sleep for about 18 hours a day, so they need to use the bathroom more often than humans.
  • Ferrets are really cute animals, they usually lift their tails upwards when they want to poop and defecate.
  • Ferrets make these high pitched shrill noises when they need to use the bathroom. It is advisable that if your ferret is making that type of sound then you should taking it to the bathroom immediately.

Litter for ferrets

How Often Do Ferrets Go To The Bathroom?

When you get a ferret you are also signing a relationship with poop, as funny it sounds as real it is. A ferret spends most of his time in either sleeping or pooping. Ferret poop also defines the health quality of your ferret so you should get the best litter for them. Now the question arises is how to choose the best litter for ferrets. There are many types of litters which are safe for ferrets like-

  • The litter which is made up of recycled paper are the best type of litters to be used by ferrets. It is cost-effective and biodegradable. Apart from these, it has few really good factors of its own like it control the bad odour of poop and urine.
  • Another popular and one of the best litter to be used for ferrets is wood pellets. These are also quite budget-friendly and have no oil in them hence 100% safe for ferrets. Wood pellets are made by compressing the sawdust.
  • Another type of litter called the corn cob litter is used. This is pure organic litter and hence does not cause clumping. Ferrets should not eat it though.

Litter boxes for ferrets

Ferrets are not the type of animals that can remain inside their cage or terrarium for a longer time interval, they want to be free and remain in open. Sometimes what happened is that they want to go to their cage to do their business but re unable to make it that far. Litter boxes are made especially for this purpose. Also to separate the bedding and litter for a ferret, individual litter boxes are used for ferrets to carry out their business. You can put a litter box anywhere in the room and when the ferret has to poop or urine then the litter box is to be taken into use.

Where and how to place the litter box

How Often Do Ferrets Go To The Bathroom?

When you have decided to use the litter box for the ferret now the question is how to fix the litter box. For this you just need to do few easy steps. Take good notice of the ferret, observe the place where he likes to do his thing and then put the litter box there only. You take care of the movements and actions of your pet, if you observe any of the signs mentioned above, keep the pet directly inside the litter box. For some days you will put him, after that he will go himself. It is all about developing habits.

Some people say that once your ferret comes out of the litter box, show him love and make it appear like he did a good thing. You should clean the box every now and then to provide healthy sanitation to your pet. Bad hygiene can give birth to a lot of diseases in ferrets.

How many times a day does ferret need to use the bathroom

It varies with the food given to ferrets and the size of ferrets however on an average, most ferrets use bathrooms to poop at least 4 times in a day. They would go to urinate for about 6 to 7 times. Sometimes the number can be even large. They have the ability to do their business more number of times than one can imagine, sometimes they do it so often that the owner thinks that the ferret is unwell but they will be perfectly fit.

If you are a new ferret owner, you will definitely be surprised by their ability to urinate and defecate. Some people get a litter tray rather than litter boxes. A litter tray can be kept anywhere either inside or outside the cage. Ferrets mostly love corners when it comes to doing their business hence these trays can be put in any such corner. You have to clean the cage, litter box or litter tray of the ferret regularly to avoid any harmful effects on their health.